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Spotlight on Four Pillars Gin

Spotlight on Four Pillars Gin

At Four Pillars we make modern Australian gins. We bring deliciousness to every gin style from classic dry and barrel-aged, to navy strength and our unique Bloody Shiraz. Our core purpose is to elevate the craft of distilling gin, right here in Australia.

As well as our multi-award winning Rare Dry Gin we have now produced plenty of other, often ground-breaking, gin expressions… from the world’s only dedicated gin for a Negroni (Spiced Negroni Gin) to the world’s first Shiraz gin (Bloody Shiraz Gin) to the most awarded over-proof gin on the planet (Navy Strength Gin).

We think Aussie gin is awesome because it’s the best of the New World with a hat tip to the old. Australian gin is like our food; it’s not deliberately wacky or obtuse – it just combines the best ingredients, know-how, creativity and traditions to make something uniquely Australian, modern and delicious.


Our Original Rare Dry Gin


Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin is our baby, Wilma’s first born. It is, to us, simply the most delicious gin on the planet. It is the concept that started us out on this journey… a truly modern Australian gin.

Our starting point was the Yarra Valley’s clean, bright water, among the very best in the world. Then we selected our nine signature botanicals plus whole oranges to add a highly aromatic character, a Mediterranean warmth to support the spicier botanicals like cardamom.

Each of these elements (and a whole lot of love) were distilled together in our magnificent German-made copper pot still, Wilma, until we were left with a beautifully clean spirit packed full of flavour.

We crafted it to deliver the best of all worlds: a classically smooth gin that combines Asian botanicals with great Mediterranean citrus. It’s spicy but with great citrus from the whole fresh oranges and native lemon myrtle, a truly modern Australian gin.

We add whole oranges to the botanical basket instead of just orange peel, which highlights our highly aromatic locally grown citrus, while also providing great support to the spicier botanicals like cardamom, cinnamon, star anise, and Tasmanian pepperberry leaf.

Above all, it's dangerously delicious, and made to enjoy in the world’s best gin drinks, always kicking off with a perfect G&T.

Pick up a bottle of Four Pillars Gin today from your local IGA Liquor.


The Perfect Four Pillars G&T

When you manage to pull apart the love for a truly delicious G&T, you realise that each of the elements that come together to make it must be great. Great gin (duh), great tonic, great big cubes of ice (and lots of it), and the right perfect fresh garnish to match.

The simplicity of a gin and tonic garnished with orange lets the gin shine.



  • 45mL Rare Dry Gin
  • 90mL good tonic
  • Orange



  • Add gin and mixer to a rocks glass over ice
  • Garnish with wedge of orange


Some of Our Other Gins

Navy Strength Gin is an intense but smooth gin, made for cocktails. This overproof gin is distilled with native finger limes and fresh ginger in the botanical basket, giving it great power and intensity. Turmeric adds weight to the palate and a fresh but earthy quality, and the palate is sweet and juicy but still very clean.

Four Pillars Spiced Negroni Gin is the only gin in the world created specifically to go in a Negroni cocktail. It is a highly aromatic, rich and (yes) spicy gin with great power and intensity. We use the West African spice grains of paradise and Indonesian cubeb to up the ante, and open the plates when distilling to add weight to the gin.

Gin combined with Yarra Valley Shiraz grapes? Bloody brilliant. Bloody Shiraz Gin. This crazy experiment using our original Rare Dry Gin steeped with local cool climate Shiraz grapes has become a cult-favourite, a perfect balance of sweet fruit and ginny goodness.