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Don’t Fade into the Black…

Overexposed is a sleek, new Victorian wine range that demands the spotlight.

It received glowing reviews from Wine Orbit’s esteemed critic, Sam Kim before it even hit the shelves, being awarded 4.5 Stars!

Purely A-List, try Overexposed today!

The camera shutter clicks, heads turn, flashes fill the air…

Shining like a beacon of light, brighter than the rest and unashamedly proud, Overexposed steals the limelight, its celebrity status already sealed.

Stardom beckons and Overexposed rises to the occasion.

From Victoria’s most prolific wine growing regions, comes a sophisticated wine range delivering not just a taste but a feeling.

Before hitting the store shelves, this range was applauded by Sam Kim, revered critic from the International wine review site, Wine Orbit.

He had this to say about the wines:

Cabernet Sauvignon:

92 Points 4.5 Stars

‘Bright and youthfully charming with loads of tasty flavours’


92 Points 4.5 Stars

‘Succulent fruit intensity and velvety mouthfeel’


91 Points 4.5 Stars

‘A beautifully focused palate that is pristine and finely textured’

Sauvignon Blanc:

90 Points 4.5 Stars

‘Fresh and inviting, delivering terrific fruit vibrancy’

Delivering effortless flavour and drinkability, Overexposed wines don’t fade into the black, they jump into the light.

Learn about the Victorian Wine Region

Overexposed is produced in various wine regions throughout Victoria, Australia.

King Valley in Victoria’s high country has a strong Italian heritage. Nestled at the foothills of the Alpine National Park, the potential of this cool climate region was recognised by passionate Italian migrants back in the 1940s. Since then, the fertile soils and elevations have been effectively utilised to produce exquisite wines with a distinctive Italian influence.

Central Victoria’s Heathcote produces outstanding Shiraz wines, attributed to the temperate climate and soils enriched by the surrounding Mt Camel range; while the low humidity and continental climate intrinsic to North West Victoria allows for the production of various wine styles. It is Australia’s second largest wine region.