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How to construct the perfect cheese board

How to construct the perfect cheese board

Cheeseboards make the perfect addition to at home entertaining this time of the year. Here are our top tips to make your cheese board really pop:

Cheese: The most important element of the cheeseboard needs to be done right. We recommend having a variety of soft, semi soft, semi hard and hard cheese to suit all tastes. Go for the old classics and crowd pleasers like brie and cheddar and also throw in some blue cheese for the cheese diehards.

Crackers: Always a must for the cheese board, we recommend having at least 2 different types of crackers to please the crowd.

Bread: Depending on the time of your event, bread can also be used on your cheese board as a more substantial meal for your guests. We’d recommend freshly made bread or breadsticks.

Cold meats: Always a nice addition to any cheeseboard, we’d recommend buying a variety from the deli including salami and prosciutto.

Fresh Fruit: It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, fresh seasonal fruit always goes down a treat on a cheese board. Incorporate old cheese board favourites like grapes but don’t be afraid to try something different like melons or strawberries.

Drinks: A cheese board is not complete without some accompanying drinks. Wine is the obvious choice – red and white should both be considered. You can also liven up the occasion with wine based sangria and champagne.

All of these items can be found at your local IGA and IGA Liquor store. Check out what liquor products are on sale here: IGA also has a great range of deli to help you build your cheese board, you can view the specials here.